Symphonic Circles

Symphonic Circles

Formed in 2008, Symphonic Circles composed our first piece “The Devil’s Orchestra,” a 70 minute score written with a vivid story. To release the band, we created a weekly event that was supposed to last 1 month. “Camerata.” After all 4 weeks of Camerata sold out, we extended the residency for as long as people would pack the place. 72 weeks later, we took it upon ourselves to end the residency, put “The Devil’s Orchestra” album and film on hold, and record our first 2 full length album’s. Our debut full length “The Familiars” is an instrumental album that shows our more classical side with long soundscapes carrying you from theme to theme. It was released exclusively on iTunes. Our second full length “The Obscure Purist” is a genreless, dynamic, powerful album recorded in the summer of 2011 and has yet to have been released.Symphonic Circles has been on hiatus since November 2011.






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